Exciting! Napahai Lake Tour is a must in Shangri-La


During the May Day holiday, Napahai Wetland Park also welcomed tourists from all over the world. Recent days, various horse-riding parks and parking lots around Napahai have been fully parked; Waves of tourists ride or walk into the grassland to enjoy the beauty of Napahai Wetland.


Mr. Zhang and his family come from Shanghai, they drove down to here with their private car, “it’s very interesting to ride horses and shoot arrows on the grassland, we’ll come again next time”, said Mr. Zhang.



Most of the license plates around Napahai belong to Yunnan. Mr. Li, from Kunming (capital of Yunnan), has been to Shangri-La many times. This year he and his friends came and appreciated the festival atmosphere on the plateau, tasted the authentic Tibetan food, and saw the harmonious coexistence between human and nature in Napahai. “It’s really worthwhile to visit here”, said Mr. Li.



It is learned that private cars have become the first choice for tourists coming to Shangri-La during the May Day holiday. There are over 400 private cars coming to the Napahai Wetland Park every day. The Lake Tour to admire the Napahai Wetland Park has become a must for tourists in Shangri-La.

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(Editors: Amy, Christine)


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